Jeremy Tracey of Crokinole Game Boards

Jeremy Tracey

Jeremy finished the 2017/2018 season ranked 6th in the National Crokinole Association (NCA) standings. He also placed second in doubles at the World Crokinole Championship on June 2, 2018.

Jeremy at age 7 getting his first crokinole board for Christmas
He has been playing crokinole for as long as he can remember. His Grandfather on his mother’s side, ‘Grampie Reid‘ introduced him to the game. He immediately fell in love with the competition and fun.

Jeremy’s style of play can be described as ‘enthusiastic or optimistic.‘ He loves to go for the ‘Big Shot‘. It is his love of playing on the highest quality boards that led him into handcrafting boards and launching ‘The Tracey Board’ line.

He is extremely grateful for the mentoring from one of the absolute best crokinole board builders in the world. Jeremy takes pride in creating the best looking and playing board that you can find. His commitment to excellence stems from a high level of respect for his customers as well as for his board building mentor.

Elaine Tracey

Elaine is the ultimate ‘Momma Bear’ of the Tracey family keeping the rest of the family in line.  Although she seldom plays crokinole herself, she has an extremely high standard for excellence in craftsmanship and helps Jeremy with the finer points of crokinole board building.

Reid Tracey

Reid is the eldest of three sons and finished the 2017/18 season 17th in the NCA standing. His style of play can be described as ‘relaxed‘. Reid was part of the Waterloo club team that won the Schneider Haus Annual County Classic in April 2018. Most recently Reid placed 12th in the competitive division at the World Crokinole Championship.

Garret Tracey

Garret is the middle child and has so many other passions in life such as drama, juggling and parkour that he chooses not to compete in crokinole tournaments (we love him anyway).  He does occasionally grab a seat at the ‘crok’ table with us and shoot a few games and is a pretty sharp shooter especially on open 20’s.

Nolan Tracey

Nolan is the youngest of the clan and is also the youngest player in history to make it to the semi finals in NCA sanctioned tournament.  He finished the 2017/18 season in 13th place in the NCA standing. His style of play can be described as ‘creative‘. Nolan is also learning the art of board building and wants to become more and more involved with the business.

Crokinole Tournaments

Learn more about Crokinole, and find out where tournaments are being held, at the National Crokinole Association website.