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Greetings from Charlottesville, VA! Until a month ago, I had never played Crokinole in my life. It was something that I had seen in videos and had interested me but I didn't know anyone who had a board and wasn't sure I was ready to make the investment. However, the last several months have been unique, to say the least, and I figured it was time we gave it a go.

My wife and I knew we wanted to get a quality board and after doing some research, "Tracey Boards" kept coming up over and over again. About three weeks after we placed our order a huge box arrived at our doorstep and we were on our way. The board is absolutely beautiful and plays like a dream (which I can recognize even with my limited experience). The only thing it seemed to be missing was a warning about how addictive the game is. (I don't believe a night has gone by where we haven't played a game or two.)

Anyway, thank you for all the love and care you clearly put into your product. We look forward to using this board for years to come!

~ Andrew B, Charlottesville, Virginia

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My Custom Board from Crokinole Game Boards

Hey Jeremy - just got the board in today and oh my god it's beyond breathtaking... worth everything and more 😉 If someone is on the fence on deciding which board to get Tracey is easily one of the best from the depth of the center hole, the slickness of the board, and the custom style if you want for a lil extra. Just take a look at the picture if you don't believe me on that last part and it's even better in person. 11/10!!!

~ K.W.

I just received my board today and my son couldn't wait to open the box. Excited to spend some good quality family time playing crokinole for years and years to come. What a great game to bring friends and family together instead of being stuck in front of a screen. I spent the money to get nothing but the best and I have no regrets. This board is going to be in the family for a very long time. Here is my son practicing his "trick" shots. I'll take a smile playing crokinole than a smile in front of his switch any day.

~ Edward Bakker

Testimonial by Edward Bakker for Crokinole Game Boards
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My board arrived in late March of 2020, just in time for Crokinole to enter our daily routine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each morning, after the laughter, trash talk, and the curses we are ready to take on the day.

~ H.G.

Hello everyone, I never played crokinole before but researching the internet I realized that your company made the best boards. I received it just over a week ago (perfect timing) and let me say it was very evident that you take pride in your workmanship. My daughter and I have played 2 hours every day since and getting better every time. My wife was pushing the discs and didn't understand why we were laughing. That is why is just ordered some cues and a couple of different colors of discs. Thanks for making a high quality product and also thanks for the tips videos on YouTube. Have a nice day and please stay safe.

~ David Tadeu, Quebec, Canada

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Crokinole Game Boards Testimonials

Hi Jeremy, your board is slick and beautiful. Thanks!

~ L.F. – Maryland, USA

Just a quick note to say I received the board and I LOVE IT!

Thank you so much, it's beautiful and plays like a dream.

My very first shot I made a twenty, so I figure that's a good sign of things to come!

~ M.W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Crokinole Game Boards Testimonials 2

Wow, just wow!

There is something about your board that cannot be described.
It's the feeling you get when you first get something and are immediately proud to own it and completely satisfied, because you know it's top quality.

Thank you so much sir.

~ D.V. – Woodridge, IL, USA

Hey Jeremy, just thought I should let you know our club had a vote and decided that we are going to use my Tracy Tour Board for our fall league finals. Going to try and get it up on YouTube.

Again just thought you should know, keep up the great work!

~ J.M. (The Extra Pint Crokinole Club) Voorheesville, NY, USA

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The board arrived perfect and we are thrilled with the workmanship.

After playing a couple of games to welcome it home, it is tucked away awaiting Christmas.

Thanks again.

Such a pleasure to deal with someone who is not only skilled at his work, but also takes care in the customer appreciation department.

~ G & G Ross - Kent Bridge, Ontario, Canada

Hi Jeremy,

Just wanted to say that the board arrived safe and sound. Thanks for taking such care with the packaging.

We've played every day since I got home and it's lovely. I've attached a pic of me teaching my son with my daughter listening 🙂 she's still a little young to play.

I know this will give us many years of joy. Thanks again.

~ Will - Burlington, ON Canada

Testimonial from Will for Crokinole Game Boards