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As someone who was crokinole curious for quite some time—having consumed quite a bit of Crokinole Centre video content—I was quite familiar with Tracey boards. Having played for a little while on a small, slow Rustik board I got from Amazon, I always knew the game could be so much more and I knew I would inevitably save up the scratch to purchase the real deal.

From the moment I unboxed this board, it did not disappoint; the quality hits you in the face from the get-go. It isn’t overstated, but it refuses to be ignored. The moment you flick a button across the surface of this board, you will know where your money—well spent money—went. In the era of cheaply, quickly produced products, it is really wonderful to lay hands on something that was crafted with love, care, and skill.

I lugged the beast out to a local brewery for some games with a friend. We had at least 10 people stop by and ask what it was we were playing. A couple even stayed to watch an entire round. It is a captivating game that needs more play and exposure here in the United States. I have no doubt it will gain steam as the years go on. I also have no doubt that if you choose a Tracey board, you will be 100% satisfied with your decision.

~ Warren Blossom

Warren Blossom Testimonial Picture for Crokinole Game Boards
Testimonial Picture from Nathan Whitney for Crokinole Game Boards

Thought I would treat myself to a Tracey Board.
Wasn't disappointed, delivery to the UK was speedy, and the Board is a work of art.
Thank u.

~ Nathan Whitney

I came across crokinole by accident a while back. I had never heard of the game, but it intrigued me. I began searching for boards and reading reviews. Looking for quality, many failed. I was drawn to Tracey Boards. Everything about their boards checked all my concerns, especially how the board was shipped. My board arrived faster than expected. It's everything as advertised. Actually, a playable work for art. You are buying quality! Worth the cost for something that will be in the family for years ahead. Looking forward to introducing others to this fun game. Flick on!!

~ Loren McCumber

Testimonial Image from Loren M for Crokinole Game Boards
Tracey Tour Crokinole Board (Black Edition Closeup) by Crokinole Game Boards

My wife and I just got into crokinole, and we're both glad that we went for a Tracey board. One look at it and it's obvious that this is an expertly-crafted board. Frankly, it's probably the "nicest" thing I own.

~ Rob Derksen

It has been years since I played crokinole so when the time came to purchase a board, I did a lot of research. I joined the Facebook group National Crokinole Association to post on how to chose the best crokinole board for my needs. Where else could I find unbiased recommendations on how to chose my board. The most recommended board was no contest, it was the Tracey Tour Crokinole Board.

So, I decided to purchase my board from Crokinole Gameboards but I still had a few questions. The owner Jeremy Tracey answered all my questions including the concern I had regarding shipping.

I received the board one week later; I did order the board on a Friday but most importantly, the board arrived in top condition. Excited to try it out, I immediately sat down, placed carefully my first disc on the shooting line and wacked the disc with my index finger. My heart skipped a beat when the disc crossed the board and hit the rail on the opposite side with a loud crack. Needless to say, the next shoot was a lot less forceful. This is definitely not the old rundown toy store board I had when I was a boy. By the time I was done breaking in my brand-new board I had fallen in love all over again with this game.

Without hesitation, I recommend you consider one of the boards offered at Crokinole Gameboards.

~ Michel Cloutier

Michel C - Testimonial Picture for Crokinole Game Boards
Tracey Tour Crokinole Board (Black Edition Closeup) by Crokinole Game Boards

This is the best Crokinole board that money can buy especially in North America! Shipping was quick and it was packed securely with sign on delivery. My wife and I have enjoyed hours playing crokinole together even if we aren’t keeping score. If you have the money to buy this board it’s a worth while investment. Order the mounting bracket when you purchase it so you can hang it on the wall like the piece of art it is! Jeremy and company will mount the bracket on the board for you when you order together which takes the stress off of you drilling holes on your new board. 10/10 If I ever use my board as a giant frisbee and it breaks I absolutely will purchase another one from here!

~ Brian Slusher

It was a long agonizing week between the time the board we ordered for Mo, our friend and owner of our favorite pub arrived and when we were able to catch up with him to present it. The moment it came in, after I emailed Jeremy about the excellent way it turned out, (I was correct in my prediction; this board was equal in quality to the one I had ordered for us), I contacted the pub manager, Maura, with a photo and immediately she was in love with it and she scheduled a time when Mo would be in when the pub would not be very busy. 

We presented it to him last night and he was enthused about it as we hoped he'd be. We set up the game and played a few rounds to give him a feel of what Crokinole is all about. He told us he'd actually been thinking of starting a game night at the pub and this Crokinole board would be front and center. 
As I was writing this review this morning, I got a message from Maura saying Mo is loving this wonderful gift.

A special shout out to Jeremy. He could have gone ahead and made the design I originally wanted, but with his input and suggestions, we made the board even better. When I have a need to buy another board (this is my second from Tracey Boards) I will definitely buy from Tracey Boards and of course I'd recommend you to anyone who is interested and wants a quality board.

~ Brian K Sigley

Crokinole Picture from Brian S for Crokinole Game Boards
Tracey Tour Crokinole Board (Black Edition Closeup) by Crokinole Game Boards

I only have one regret and it is that I have not bought a Tracey board before I did. I had previously bought a mass-market crokinole board. To be honest, I was having a lot of fun on that old board (played for ~2 years). The craftsmanship and the smooth movements from the Tracey board exponentially enhanced that fun factor. Shots are even more impressive and rewarding than before.
Thanks to the Tracey family and team for their high-quality board, the very fast delivery, and their entertaining videos. Many games played on the new board and a lot more to come!

~ Luc-Andrè St-Pierre

After we got turned on to Crokinole by a friend and bought ourselves a board (from another vendor) we started watching Jeremy's videos for pointers on the game. We got so into it we started talking up the game with the owner of the pub we frequent (it's sort of our Cheers) and he seemed interested and wanted us to bring our board over. Well, because it's not the easiest thing to tote around, we thought we'd get one for the pub, emblazoned with their logo; a token of our appreciation for how he makes everyone feel like family whether you go once in a while or are a regular, and as a special appreciation for all he accomplished in keeping the pub going during the pandemic.
We'd gotten used to our board and learned how to adjust our play using wax, and Jeremy's recommended spray wax, but the wooden pegs began coming loose and flying out during our nightly games and they needed to be glued in almost daily.
While we were designing the board for the pub, we decided we owed it to ourselves to invest in a better board and ordered one for ourselves and we returned the tiresome one (which meant we were Crokinole-less for nearly two weeks).
Our new board arrived yesterday and the most impressive thing, besides the obvious solid construction and heft, the playing surface is like glass and our discs were gliding around (without using the enclosed wax, yet) like we've never experienced. It's like playing an entirely different game.
And best of all, in regards to the board for the pub, I'm confident we made the right decision in ordering from Tracey Boards. I know we'll be giving a quality gift.

~ Brian K Sigley

Crokinole Picture from Brian S for Crokinole Game Boards
Testimonial Image from Happy Customer for Crokinole Game Boards

My father-in-law introduced me to Crokinole many years ago and I played sporadically at family gatherings - just enough to know I enjoyed the game. I purchased a Tracey board in the summer of 2020 and could not be happier. I am super excited to raise my kids playing the greatest game on earth on the greatest board known to man.

After introducing the game to my family of origin we purchased another Tracey board for my dad for Father's Day 2021. If I buy another board in the future as the game grows among friends, it will certainly be another Tracey. Not only is the board superb, the customer service and friendliness of Jeremy is unmatched. After watching way too many hours of his Youtube channel (check it out by the way), he's definitely a guy that you'd want to hang out with to play a game or two. Always want to support great craftsmen and better people.

~ Chris Putney

The crokinole board arrived as scheduled. It's so awesome! My husband was so surprised and delighted with the board. We were all shocked at how smooth the playing surface is and by how much the pieces bounce off the pegs! We've only ever played on a pretty old board and it's like a whole new game with this new, beautiful board. We've been having lots of fun playing.  
Thank you for the wonderful, friendly customer service.

~ Alicia R, Victoria, BC

Testimonial Picture from Alicia in BC for Crokinole Game Boards
Typed Testimonial for Crokinole Game Boards

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~ An exuberant customer of the most prodigious crokinole boards!

What a beautiful board. Only took 5 days from when it shipped to arrive on my porch in Olympia WA. Smooth as glass, solid as a rock. I can’t say enough about the quality, it’s one of those things you gotta touch to fully appreciate.

~ Ryan Behrens, Washington, USA

Testimonial Image from Ryan Behrens for Crokinole Game Boards
Testimonial from Mark Warren for Crokinole Game Boards

I learned about crokinole just a few months ago. It was mentioned in a Corner Gas episode and I looked it up to see if it was a real game. Saw a few videos and knew I had to play this game! Ordered a decent board and fell in love with this game. Soon knew I wanted a tournament quality board and that it needed to be a Tracey.
Contacted you guys and could not believe the quick responses with every question answered ...customer service at a level you rarely see anymore. Received my board a few weeks ago and it has been used near daily. Really fun to play doubles when my son and daughter-in-law come over! A fantastic board! Sits on our coffee table... always ready for play.
This game helped us through the winter storm here in Texas last week! (I know, weather you guys see far more frequently than we do here)
Can't say enough of how totally impressed we have been with you guys, your customer service, and the level of craftsmanship you put into your boards.
Loving crokinole!... here deep in the heart of Texas!

~ Mark Warren

First of all, thank you Jeremy, for your fast work and speedy delivery!
It was really really worth saving every penny to order it from Tracey. The quality and craftsmanship is no comparison to the boards here in Germany.
Germany: One Point (maybe two)
Canada: Twelve Points !
Playing on this board is great fun and extremely addicting.
By the way, if you look at the picture, you will see dents in the playing surface. But NO, this is just the picture. That is dark grain in the wood and makes it really unique. The surface and slickness is absolutely perfekt.
I am soOO happy and proud to have a Traceys here in Germany.
Greetings to all of your team.

~ Peter Kollmeier, Germany

Testimonial Image Submission from Peter Kollmeier for Crokinole Game Boards
Red Crokinole Button (Close) Panorama - Crokinole Game Boards

I received one of Jeremy Tracey's Tour crokinole boards as a gift last year and it quickly became one of my favorite things in the world. The quality is exceptional, the craftsmanship is beautiful, and the joy it has brought during a year dominated by bad news is incalculable. It's a new family heirloom and I look forward to one day teaching this wonderful game to grandkids.

~ Eric Francis

I am blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of my Tracey crokinole board!  I am a collector of tabletop games with approximately 60 in my growing collection. After being introduced to crokinole on several YouTube channels dedicated to hobby gaming, I was hooked without ever playing the game.  Several years ago I purchased a board from Etsy for a good price and waited patiently for it to arrive. After being lost in US customs and then lost again by the US postal service, it finally showed up three months later in southwest Missouri to a less than patient, me. It is a lovely, traditional style board, and my family and friends and I have had countless hours of fun playing. Crokinole is the world’s best game! Everyone I have introduced to the game love it, several have purchased their own boards. 

Recently I decided I wanted a tournament quality board and after doing my research I decided there was no other choice for me than a Tracey!  I ordered a Grey Rock with the deluxe wall mounting bracket. It shipped and arrived in about 2 weeks in perfect condition with the bracket pre-installed. Let me reiterate that, it is perfect! Although I love my first board it does not compare in quality to the Grey Rock and that’s ok!  I now have a travelling board, so I can introduce more people to the game without as much worry about trashing my board. The Grey Rock is not leaving my house!

Cheers to the Tracey’s for the excellent work they do in crafting family heirlooms and promoting the world’s greatest game! I am very proud to own this, what I consider to be a piece of art!

~ Stephen P. Scholz, Southwest Missouri, USA

Testimonial Image from Stephen Scholz for Crokinole Game Boards
Testimonial Picture from Dominic for Crokinole Game Boards

Hi Jeremy and the Tracey family! 🙂 It's been since May or June 2020 already that I have received my Red Tracey Tour Board with all the accessories and let me say that first!
The customer service here is ROCK SOLID! Felt confident too buying from you right away and it's really something important when you buy on the web. Family-owned business and operated by passionate people like you adds a whole new level to the experience. All my questions were also answered perfectly. It's clear that you know your stuff!
The board itself is so beautiful that you want to display it! It is really well made. Flawless in every detail and it plays just wonderfully. Pucks are gliding even without the wax!! The packaging was way over my expectations, I mean the board WILL arrive safely, no doubts on that!! Every penny spent on that board was worth it! But be aware... It is a strongly ADDICTIVE GAME!!!
Overall for the complete experience, products and service, I can only give 10/10 but you deserve 20/10! 😉
Thanks for everything and for signing the board too, that's awesome!! 😀 Hope I can meet you someday in a tournament and play against you also when everything gets back to normal! Take care and long life to CrokinoleGameBoards and the Tracey Family!!!

~ Dominic Leduc

Despite being in my 30s and having close Canadian ancestry, I had not heard of Crokinole until just a few months ago. A friend of mine received a board as a gift and I was instantly hooked. I immediately began researching the best companies and ultimately landed on the tried-and-true Tracey boards. Most of the experts recommend the Tracey boards, as Jeremy Tracey trained under world renowned board maker Willard Martin. For many, many years (even to this day) the Willard boards were considered to be the best and lucky for us, the Tracey boards are just as good. In fact, Willard (after his retirement) went on to say that the Tracey boards are possibly better than his.

Not only are the Tracey boards more affordable than many of the other companies, but the quality surpasses just about all of them. There are lots of videos and information out there that explain the board making process and the Tracey boards are top notch. Also, I ordered my board on Christmas Day and despite the holiday season, I received it in less than 2 weeks! That is half the advertised turnaround time! After placing my order, I decided to modify it and add a few things. Let me just tell you that the customer service at Crokinole Game Boards is simply incredible. I spoke directly to Jeremy Tracey who was incredibly prompt and friendly. He helped me change my order with no issues and was just so nice to deal with (despite me being a pain).

I couldn't be happier with my board. The quality is fantastic. Its beautiful and everything was packaged/shipped so professionally. I ordered the "Grey Rock" board and it is stunningly beautiful. I chose the black, white, and grey buttons to go with the board and they match it perfectly! It all looks so dapper! I also ordered the natural wood buttons and despite them looking quite nice, they don't match the greyish tint of my board. Fortunately, my father (who also just ordered a board) is going to trade me his blue buttons. I also ordered the travel case (very high quality) and 4 button holders (highly recommend). Go to YouTube and search Crokinole. Just about everyone is using a Tracey board and has the button holders. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE HOLDERS!!!

Speaking of my father, after hearing of my experience with Crokinole Game Boards, he immediately went out and ordered a board himself. He decided to get the traditional "Red" board and although I haven't personally seen it, he claims it is beautiful. I'm now trying to convince my sister to order a board and have several friends looking to place orders with Tracey. If this review sounds like a commercial for Jeremy Tracey, its because it is. I will gladly give free advertisement for quality products and excellent customer service, both of which Crokinole Game Boards excels at.

Get a Tracey board, you won't regret it.

~ Tristan Ward, North Carolina, USA

Testimonial Photo Submission from Tristan Ward for Crokinole Game Boards
Traditional Tracey Tour Crokinole Board with Dark Stained Buttons and White Buttons by Crokinole Game Boards

Played my first Crokinole game. Victories over my 24yr old son. Can't take him in golf, but can take him in a real game. The shipment was great. Emailed CGB and Jeremy told me when I should expect the shipment date. I ordered two games. One going to my sister's family in Colorado Springs and mine to Columbus. Board made it to Colorado Springs in 28 hrs. Started on Thursday at 3 pm in Ontario, Cincinnati, Denver & Colorado Spring Friday at 6 pm. Mine showed up around noon Monday. The packaging was superb. Board was beautiful and slick.
I haven't found one person who has heard of this game. We watched YouTube in order to understand the rules. Now I'm 4-1 against my son. Looking forward to introducing family and friends to Crokinole.

~ James O'Connell, Columbus

Greetings from Charlottesville, VA! Until a month ago, I had never played Crokinole in my life. It was something that I had seen in videos and had interested me but I didn't know anyone who had a board and wasn't sure I was ready to make the investment. However, the last several months have been unique, to say the least, and I figured it was time we gave it a go.

My wife and I knew we wanted to get a quality board and after doing some research, "Tracey Boards" kept coming up over and over again. About three weeks after we placed our order a huge box arrived at our doorstep and we were on our way. The board is absolutely beautiful and plays like a dream (which I can recognize even with my limited experience). The only thing it seemed to be missing was a warning about how addictive the game is. (I don't believe a night has gone by where we haven't played a game or two.)

Anyway, thank you for all the love and care you clearly put into your product. We look forward to using this board for years to come!

~ Andrew B, Charlottesville, Virginia

Crokinole Board Testimonial Picture
My Custom Board from Crokinole Game Boards

Hey Jeremy - just got the board in today and oh my god it's beyond breathtaking... worth everything and more 😉 If someone is on the fence on deciding which board to get Tracey is easily one of the best from the depth of the center hole, the slickness of the board, and the custom style if you want for a lil extra. Just take a look at the picture if you don't believe me on that last part and it's even better in person. 11/10!!!

~ K.W.

I just received my board today and my son couldn't wait to open the box. Excited to spend some good quality family time playing crokinole for years and years to come. What a great game to bring friends and family together instead of being stuck in front of a screen. I spent the money to get nothing but the best and I have no regrets. This board is going to be in the family for a very long time. Here is my son practicing his "trick" shots. I'll take a smile playing crokinole than a smile in front of his switch any day.

~ Edward Bakker

Testimonial by Edward Bakker for Crokinole Game Boards
Crokinole Game Boards - Logo Display

My board arrived in late March of 2020, just in time for Crokinole to enter our daily routine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each morning, after the laughter, trash talk, and the curses we are ready to take on the day.

~ H.G.

Hello everyone, I never played crokinole before but researching the internet I realized that your company made the best boards. I received it just over a week ago (perfect timing) and let me say it was very evident that you take pride in your workmanship. My daughter and I have played 2 hours every day since and getting better every time. My wife was pushing the discs and didn't understand why we were laughing. That is why is just ordered some cues and a couple of different colors of discs. Thanks for making a high quality product and also thanks for the tips videos on YouTube. Have a nice day and please stay safe.

~ David Tadeu, Quebec, Canada

Crokinole Game Boards - Logo Display
Crokinole Game Boards Testimonials

Hi Jeremy, your board is slick and beautiful. Thanks!

~ L.F. – Maryland, USA

Just a quick note to say I received the board and I LOVE IT!

Thank you so much, it's beautiful and plays like a dream.

My very first shot I made a twenty, so I figure that's a good sign of things to come!

~ M.W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Crokinole Game Boards - Logo Display
Crokinole Game Boards Testimonials 2

Wow, just wow!

There is something about your board that cannot be described.
It's the feeling you get when you first get something and are immediately proud to own it and completely satisfied, because you know it's top quality.

Thank you so much sir.

~ D.V. – Woodridge, IL, USA

Hey Jeremy, just thought I should let you know our club had a vote and decided that we are going to use my Tracy Tour Board for our fall league finals. Going to try and get it up on YouTube.

Again just thought you should know, keep up the great work!

~ J.M. (The Extra Pint Crokinole Club) Voorheesville, NY, USA

Crokinole Game Boards Testimonials 3
Crokinole Game Boards - Logo Display

The board arrived perfect and we are thrilled with the workmanship.

After playing a couple of games to welcome it home, it is tucked away awaiting Christmas.

Thanks again.

Such a pleasure to deal with someone who is not only skilled at his work, but also takes care in the customer appreciation department.

~ G & G Ross - Kent Bridge, Ontario, Canada

Hi Jeremy,

Just wanted to say that the board arrived safe and sound. Thanks for taking such care with the packaging.

We've played every day since I got home and it's lovely. I've attached a pic of me teaching my son with my daughter listening 🙂 she's still a little young to play.

I know this will give us many years of joy. Thanks again.

~ Will - Burlington, ON Canada

Testimonial from Will for Crokinole Game Boards
Tracey Tour Crokinole Board (Grey Rock Edition Closeup) by Crokinole Game Boards

I just wanted to thank you for the AWESOME Grey Rock Crokinole board you made for me. It seemed like it took forever to get here but that was only because it was sent all over the southeast US by the shipping company! Your assistance in getting that corrected was very helpful and the board got here safe and sound in its new packaging.

The board sits in my home as a fine piece of furniture or hangs on the wall as art. Either way, I really love your support and your craftmanship! I have introduced the game to numerous friends and look forward to having many fun games with new players (as I am myself!). My son in the Coast Guard in Kodiak, AK, introduced it to me during a visit there in May of this year (2021). Thanks much for all you do and for being a GREAT Crokinole diplomat!!

~ Jeff Woodward - Brunswick, GA, USA