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Would you like your crokinole board to be a one of a kind?

Looking for a unique gift idea?

Have a look at some of the examples below then contact us to get the process started. Even if you don’t know every detail of how you would like to customize your board, that’s OK. Just give us as much info as you can as a starting point, and we can help you figure out the rest.

Some things to consider…

If you are looking for a custom colour in the ditch, what colour do you have in mind?  Will the centre plug be the same as the ditch or a different colour? For example, a customer recently ordered a custom board with a blue gutter and red centre plug.

If you are looking at having a custom silk screening on the playing surface, is it just words like a family name and year of marriage, or is there a special image you have in mind?


We are receiving more and more inquiries about custom boards.  Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and the answers.

Does a custom board come with the same accessories as a regular board?

Absolutely, each board will come with 2 sets of 13 discs, playing wax, an official rule book, and a drawstring baggie for your buttons. Each custom board is also handcrafted to meet the NCA board specs so you can play like a tournament champion on your custom board.

What does it cost to have a custom colour in the gutter and centre plug?

That customization costs $30 CAD (all of our prices are in Canadian dollars) and you can have pretty much any colour that you want. Ideally you send us a colour code or an image of the exact colour you want.  Please note that we do everything in our power to make the colour match just as closely as possible, but this is done with a wood stain. Because the stain soaks into the wood there are a lot of variables. We will get the match extremely close, but there can be some variance involved.

What does it cost to have something custom on the playing surface?

You are going to hate this answer but… it depends.  The most common customization we have been seeing requests for lately are either the last name (example “The TRACEY Family”) or the first names of a couple (example: “Elaine & Jeremy”) as well as a date (example: “Est. 1999” or “June 1999”)

A customization like the one described above is $75 CAD.

If you are looking at an image of some kind that is when the price really starts to vary.  A single-colour image is not that difficult but if we get into images that have multiple colours and shading within those colours than there is a LOT more work involved and therefore an increased price point.

NOTE: if you are looking to have an image on your customized crokinole board you absolutely must provide a high-quality image. A vector file or an AI file is typically what is needed.  A jpeg or pdf will not allow us to complete a project.

What other customizations do you do?

The examples listed above are the most common customizations, but if you have something else in mind please reach out.  Let’s see if it is something that we can do.

Check out some examples of custom crokinole boards people are already playing on:

We worked with Karen of the Wellesley Chapter of the Ontario Agriculture Associations Society to design this custom board.  This crokinole board became an auction item at their annual convention and pulled in an incredible $520 for their cause.

There are now two custom crokinole boards in a fantastic little town called Voorheesville, NY.  The top image has a custom blue ditch and red centre hole to have a more American feel. Both of these boards had the customization of adding U.S. OPEN on one side – this is the name of their doubles tournament. And they have EXTRA PINT on the opposite side – this is the name of their club that is exploding in popularity. Learn more about their club by visiting:

Custom Crokinole Board - Jeremy's Mom

Custom Crokinole Boards - close up of Jeremy's Mom's board

Alright, so this one is kinda special… except for the kinda part.  This is my mom and she is holding the custom board that I made just for her.  She has 13 grandkids and we had all of them sign their name with a sharpie before the final lacquering took place.  That way it is super special and she can absolutely play on it and it will always look the same.  This can make for a very unique gift for someone you love.  It could be a sports team’s gift to their coach or it could be used as a fundraising raffle prize for your team or organization. The possibilities are endless.

Here is another custom board (with company name and logo) that I had fun making for a friend of mine for a surprise Christmas gift for her boyfriend. I’m not sure if the reveal of the board was more fun for me, or for the recipient of the gift!

More custom boards are in the works and will be posted here soon.  Will yours be next?

Learn more about the great game of Crokinole HERE!

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