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Play like a Tournament Champion on your choice of one of our Tracey Tour Crokinole Boards. Each Crokinole Board has been handcrafted to the same specs as a National Crokinole Association Tournament board.

The playing surface is beautiful Canadian maple, 26 inches in diameter with a 2-inch gutter. The professionally lacquered finish makes for an incredibly smooth playing surface for accurate take-outs and ricochet shots. The pros that play on your board will enjoy making ‘bounce-back’ shots off of the high-reflex posts. Those same posts will provide laughter and entertainment for those new to the game with the high paced action taking place near the centre hole.

Because we are players first, every board we handcraft and sell must play extremely well. We will not sell a board that we wouldn’t love to sit down and play on. We experimented and tested to find the perfect stain that is very pleasing to look at and is also a fast and fun board for you to play "the greatest game on earth".

Every TRACEY Crokinole Board comes with:

  • 26 playing pieces
  • a drawstring bag for storing your playing pieces
  • playing wax
  • an official rule book

Want to design your own custom crokinole board?

You can personalize it with your company logo, favourite team colours, family name, or much more!

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