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Built for your pure enjoyment of the greatest game on earth.

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Used and trusted at The World Crokinole Championship

Hand-Crafted by Players, For Players

Built just down the road from where the game of Crokinole was born, Tracey Tour Boards are hand-crafted to give you the smoothest, most consistent playing surface you can find. Whether you’re hosting a friendly game night or taking on the best players in the world, every single board that leaves our shop is built with one purpose:

Your pure enjoyment of the game.

Our Most Popular Boards

Choose from 4 different boards and 13 different button colours!

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board

$325 CAD

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board

$325 CAD

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board

$325 CAD

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board
(Grey Rock)

$350 CAD

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Personalize it with your company logo, favourite team colors, or much more!

Customer Reviews

Testimonial by Edward Bakker for Crokinole Game Boards

“What a great game to bring friends and family together instead of being stuck in front of a screen. I spent the money to get nothing but the best and I have no regrets. This board is going to be in the family for a very long time.”

Edward Bakker

Crokinole Game Boards Testimonials 2

“Wow, just wow! There is something about your board that cannot be described. It's the feeling you get when you first get something and are immediately proud to own it and completely satisfied, because you know it's top quality.”

Daniel Vieu

Review Picture of Crokinole Game Board

“Just a quick note to say I received the board and I LOVE IT! Thank you so much, it's beautiful and plays like a dream. My very first shot I made a twenty, so I figure that's a good sign of things to come!”

Maradyn Wood