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Crokinole Buttons

The most important of the crokinole accessories is obviously the playing pieces.
Also known as: disks, buttons, biscuits, pucks, shooters, croks, cookies, sliders, shots, paddies, (it seems that at every tournament I go to I hear a new term… some of which will NOT be listed here)

What do you call them?

Regardless of what you call them, from time to time you need to replace them. And it can be nice to play with some different colours.

We have 13 colours to choose from: Natural Stained, Dark Stained, Black, White, Grey, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquiose, Blue, Pink and Purple.

Natural Stained Crokinole Buttons

Dark Stained Crokinole Buttons

Black Crokinole Buttons

White Crokinole Buttons

Grey Crokinole Buttons

Red Crokinole Buttons

Orange Crokinole Buttons

Yellow Crokinole Buttons

Green Crokinole Buttons

Turquoise Crokinole Buttons

Blue Crokinole Buttons

Pink Crokinole Buttons

Purple Crokinole Buttons

Crokinole Game Boards Apparel

Do you want to look sharp when you are playing the greatest game on earth? Gain the upper hand on your next crokinole opponent by dressing like a Pro. Even one piece of Crokinole Game Boards apparel will be intimidating, more than one could just make you an unstoppable force...

The Crokinole Game Boards Cap is sure to permiate the mental side of your crokinole skill set.  The longer you wear this cap, the more your 'Crokinole IQ' will grow (results may vary).  This hat comes with a full back so if you happen to be bald like Jeremy, there's no need to worry about funny tan lines.  $25.00

Crokinole Carrying Bag

Perfect for the player who wants to take their Crokinole Board with them everywhere they go.

Available in Red, Black and Blue.

Price: $79.00

Crokinole 20 Holders

If you drop 20’s then you need the 20 holders.  If you don’t, you need to play more!

$30 for a set of two.

Want to showcase your crokinole board?

Wondering where to store your board?

This kit is easy to install, simple to use. Note: if ordered with a board the plate will be installed on your board for you.

Having your board out where people will easily see it will lead to you sharing the great game of crokinole with even more of your family and friends.

Tracey Tour Crokinole Boards

Your crokinole accessories aren’t much good to you without a crokinole board. If you don’t already own a board for playing the greatest game on earth we can help with that too.

We have several boards for you to choose from, the Tracey Tour Board (black, red, traditional or the grey rock edition).

All of them are fantastic to play on and have been "handcrafted by players for players!"

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board

$325 CAD

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board

$325 CAD

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board

$325 CAD

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board
(Grey Rock)

$350 CAD

We would love to hear what other crokinole accessories you would be most interested in us having available on our site.

If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us by email: