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Crokinole Standard Board with Buttons by Crokinole Game Boards

The greatest game on Earth!

Crokinole Tour Board with Buttons by Crokinole Game Boards

Tracey Tour
Crokinole Board

Crokinole Tour Board with Buttons by Crokinole Game Boards

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Crokinole - The greatest game on Earth!

 Handcrafted by Players
for Players!

This is where you will find the highest quality crokinole boards. Jeremy Tracey has been trained and mentored by one of the best crokinole board builders in the world today.

Combine that with Jeremy’s passion for the game of crokinole and what you have is the ‘TRACEY’ board that looks amazing and plays even better.

Handcrafted by
Jeremy Tracey

At an NCA Sanctioned tournament the quality of the crokinole board makes all the difference.

Our crokinole boards literally have our name ‘TRACEY’ printed right onto the board itself. We take care to ensure each crokinole board is truly world-class that we are proud and happy to play on.

Need Proof of our
Crokinole Skills?

The Tracey family are NCA Regulars. We sit down and play against the best of the best in the world of crokinole.

See the results of this year's World Crokinole Championship Competition. When all the dust settled, Jeremy placed 10th and Reid placed 12th against some absolutely amazing competitors.


 Shown on CTV News

Jeremy Tracey of Crokinole Game Boards held an open house in Elmira for novices, experts, and everyone in between. The turnout was great, and everyone had a wonderful time honing their skills.

CTV News came on-site and filmed the event for the evening news. Jeremy Tracey was interviewed, and you can watch the entire news story.

Also, watch the CTV News video clip of how Tracey Boards are made!

CTV News - Logo

The TRACEY TOUR Crokinole Board comes with everything you need to start playing the best game in the world!

We understand the game and more importantly, we understand what it takes to make a world-class Crokinole Board.

Have a look around our site to check out the boards and accessories. Please reach out to order your crokinole board or to ask any questions you may have about the boards or the game of crokinole.

Maybe we will see you at the next National Crokinole Association Tournament.


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