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The greatest game on Earth!

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Crokinole - The greatest game on Earth!

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Shipping Updates

Crokinole Board Orders

For crokinole boards, we currently have a delivery time of approximately 3 to 4 weeks. When ordering boards, there is an option to add a rush order for an additional charge. Rush orders are shipped within 7 days.

International Shipping

We ship worldwide! If you are outside of Canada and the USA, send us an email with your order and we will send you a quote.

The TRACEY TOUR Crokinole Board comes with everything you need to start playing the best game in the world!

We understand the game and more importantly, we understand what it takes to make a world-class Crokinole Board.

Have a look around our site to check out the boards and accessories. Please reach out to order your crokinole board or to ask any questions you may have about the boards or the game of crokinole.


Crokinole Game Boards
Crokinole Game Boards2 weeks ago
We always love shipping day. 15 boards heading out all over the world.

Greece, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, the USA of course and oh yeah, one to Canada too 👌👍🥰😎

Crokinole Game Boards

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